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Hey guys! Today I wanted to share with you a “in between seasons” look, because here in Monterrey there’s been days with a slightly colder weather that makes me want to ware fall clothes. I know that it’s technically still summer, but sometimes its hard knowing what to ware when it doesn’t feel like summer anymore. This outfit is simple, I went for dark jeans and a black velvet Cholé purse giving the look a hint of fall attire. But since we’re not quite there yet, I decided to incorporate summer trends as well, like the off the shoulder top, a choker and leather sandals. This in between seasons could be hard to style because the weather is always changing, but be sure to bring it back to basics and style simple outfits that could do well in both types of weathers.








My Outfit

Jeans: American Eagle

Sandals: Zara Basics

Bag: Chloé

Chocker: Forever 21

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