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Bright Colors

For the last day in Beijing, I wanted to change my outfits a little bit, since the whole trip I wore mostly black outfits. That’s why I went for this mustard bright yellow top, and paired it with a scarf that I bought on the trip. This contrast of colors is what makes the look interesting and different. That day we went to the Temple of Heaven and it seemed as if this place matched my outfit because it was full of bright colors. I loved this place because it is quite different from the other places we went to. There was a great atmosphere that the locals have created. When we arrived, I saw how older people were on the pathway playing chess, playing instruments and talking. Then there was an area where people were gathered singing and dancing typical Chinese songs. Since our tour guide was holding a Mexican flag they called us out to join the group, and they started playing “Mexican songs”. This was a experience that made me notice that the barriers that are held by language and cultures don’t really matter if you want to coexist, it was amazing!

If you want to see everything that happened while we were singing wth the Chinese, and more experiences like this, stay tuned for my travel diary that I will upload on my youtube channel very soon.

-Sofia Posadas








^^When you love a picture but it’s out of focus:( One of the downsides of having other people that don’t like photography take your fotos.


My Outfit

Top: Zara Basics

Jeans: Trafaluc

Sneakers: Lacoste

Scarf: from Chinese silk factory

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