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A Day In The City

Shanghai is such an amazing city, where you can find people walking everywhere and embracing the place. I got the opportunity to go to the Shanghai Financial World Trade Center, which is one of the tallest buildings there. I went on the 100th floor that is made of mostly glass. There you can see the whole city, and even through the floor because some sections of it made of glass. At first it was scary because I had to take three elevator rides with blinking wight lights (really blinding btw) and then when you get out of the last elevator you step on to a room made out of glass and clear floors. But after a while you start enjoying the crazy view. After that I went to a famous temple. Its weird seeing this developed city and then finding little corners full with culture that won’t let modernization give in. Also, a funny thing that happened that day is that my friends and I went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner that was near our hotel, because we wanted to see if it was an authentic Mexican food. Of course it wasn’t. But the food was pretty good, even though it tasted like Chinese food jajajaja.

That day I wanted to go for a more dressed up look with this H&M coat, that I bought the day before. This is one of the ways that you can change up your outfits without packing a lot of clothes. When I started packing for this trip I knew that I had to pack the basics that I could use in different combination of outfits by throwing a statement piece in the mix. In this case the white and grey coat.

-Sofia Posadas












DSC_0150 (1)

My Outfit

Top: Zara Basics

Coat: H&M

Booties: Ralph Lauren

Bag: Stradivarius

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