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  • Fashion Mexico

    Flowy Polka Dot Dress

    Flowy dresses aren’t my favorite, but I am reconsidering after wearing this polka dot dress that I now love! I am known to wear dressier outfits with layered pieces, although I go casual…

  • Mexico

    Friends Day

    Hey guys, I wanted to share with you this super casual day with my friends, where we decided to go out and take some pictures. I think that some of the…

  • Fashion Mexico


    Hey guys, I’m back with a new fashion post this time! Some friends and I went to an amazing house to take these pictures, and it was insane. The house had…

  • Fashion Mexico

    In Between

    Hey guys! Today I wanted to share with you a “in between seasons” look, because here in Monterrey there’s been days with a slightly colder weather that makes me want to…