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Thelma’s Birthday & Last Day

After school ended we decided to go out and eat at this fancy Italian restaurant called Silvano’s. We ordered pizza, pasta and lasagna (so original i know), but still it was amazing. After finishing our food we went to get some ice cream and stayed there for a couple of hours talking. Then, on Friday Thelma invited a lot of her friends to go to her house and there is were Valeria and I had a surprise waiting for her.

On Friday morning we had our first final exam, but after it Valeria and I went to buy birthday decorations and print some photos of us and our friends with Thelma. When we got everything, we asked Thelma’s mother to take her out of the house so we could decorate it. When they left her sister helped us to put everything in place. We didn’t think that we could pull it off, since we had only 30 minutes to do it. I think that it looked pretty good considering.

When Thelma arrived she had no idea that we’ve been running around like crazy trying to hang photos and balloons all over her living room. I remember that she was so surprised that we did this and her face was hilarious. After surprising her we went to her room to get ready and a little later all our friends arrived. During the party things got a just a little bit crazy and we were all over the place. Maybe in the pictures you can see that we were goofing around and going crazy. I guess that with everything that happened that week we needed a break form things and this party was the perfect break.

I’m glad that Thelma liked our surprise and that we all had a great time. Also I’m glad that school is finally over and we have only one more final left, after that we’re completely free. Summer is just about to start and I can’t wait to share all the things we have planned.















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